Fix: Detected A Hard Disk Problem on WIndows 7/10

I know a lot of people don’t take error prompts seriously. There are a lot of them that keep coming up anyway, so it doesn’t seem all that serious to send reports all the time. But Hard Disk Problems shouldn’t be ignored. The simple reason is that your hard disk is where all the data and programs are stored. You’ll want to safeguard it against any damage.



What causes Hard Disk Problems?

There are several possibilities in what could be causing problems in your hard disk. Sometimes, it could be mechanical pressure resulting due to improper heating and related expansion. It could be a virus interfering with your device’s normal functioning. Damage to system files isn’t improbable either.

So how can you solve Hard Disk Problem on Windows 7/10 PC? Here are some steps to try out.

How to Fix “Hard Disk Problem” for Windows 7 and Windows 10 PC?

There are several causes that could cause trouble with the hard disk, as i said. Here are some of them, and how to solve them to resolve the error message.

If the problem is due to mechanical stress

Make sure your HDD doesn’t have a weight placed over it, a wall bending in or dents. It is on utmost importance that the HDD unit not be obstructed by any of these factors, since it can spoil your entire drive.

Virus infections need to be handled well

If you suspect a virus or malware causing trouble to your HDD, immediately get the system scanned with an antivirus. It is pragmatic to scan the device every 15 days, especially if you’re fond of downloading things from the internet.

Repair faulty file systems

Many a time, we shut down our PCs without closing all other programs, or unplug the device without shutting it down. These practices can damage your system files or corrupt them. If this is what is causing you trouble, you need to first backup your data.

Next, Open Command Prompt as Administrator and type in “chkdsk” (or check disc command) followed by a drive partition name (like C:, D; etc.). Any improper files will be repaired. You might lose some data since allocations are made randomly, so it is essential that you backup your personal data before attempting this.

You can also Scan the drive using the same command prompt in administrator format. Type in “sfc /scannow” and all corrupted files will be replaced with a backup copy.

Hopefully, this solves your confusions regarding the Hard Disk Problems prompted often by our PCs. Tell me if you have any more queries in the comments below.